Why Won't My House Sell?

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Real Estate

Your listing photos look beautiful, and your agent is using various channels to market your home. Your property description highlights the best features of the house and makes living in your home in your neighborhood sound appealing. But your house still isn't selling. Your agent says the only thing left to do is lower the price, but you've heard it's a seller's market, and you're not ready to cave just yet. What else can you do? Here are five suggestions:

1. THE BASICS: Perhaps the photographer removed all the items cluttering the counter tops when he took the photos, but if you put those items right back in their spots, now might be the time to permanently put them away. Same goes for your family photos and other personal items you have around the house. You want a clean slate so that buyers can picture themselves living in the house, and seeing what brand of soap you use, the color of your toothbrush, and your wedding photos isn't going to help.

2. ELIMINATE PROJECTS: You've been meaning to replace that bi-fold closet door, get rid of the scuff marks on the stair risers, spray WD-40 on the back slider, etc. When buyers are at a showing, they're going to notice all these issues too, so pay for a deep cleaning of your house and repair any obvious flaws so that buyers don't anticipate projects that may make them offer less money or turn them off to making an offer.

3. RETHINK YOUR STAGING: Sometimes we get so used to something that we don't see any other possibilities. Ask a friend or family member who doesn't live with you how they would make use of the space in your home. They may suggest shifting your furniture in a way that suddenly makes a space look larger or more inviting.

4. EVALUATE YOUR PAINT COLORS: Hey, you may like a green accent wall in your bedroom or a deep navy color in the dining room, but those choices won't appeal to everyone. Neutral colors create a blank canvas, and the right color combinations can change the whole look and feel of a room, like making them appear larger or more cozy. Check out this article to learn how.

5. BOOST YOUR CURB APPEAL: Simple projects like a fresh coat of paint on the front door, new mulch and plantings along walkways, and hanging flower baskets on porches can instantly make your home seem more inviting before a potential buyer even enters it.

Put these tasks on your to-do list, and if after a few showings you STILL don't have any offers, you just may need to rethink your price.