What Should You Do at an Open House?

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Real Estate

They are the complaints you hear all the time. "People are so rude!" "Nobody talks to each other anymore!" "People are only concerned with themselves." 

Try being a Realtor!

I get it; I've been on the other side of the table and have had to deal with bad Realtors myself. I completely understand why talking to one is sometimes the last thing you want to do. BUT...if you're in the market for a house, you're bound to run across a real estate agent. Just try to remember this: Realtors are people too, and most are good people who are trying to do their jobs, and a big part of being a good agent is engaging with people like you (which, by the way, we explained in our last post here).

Take open houses, for example. When you come to an open house, don't be surprised when an agent greets you. Don't be scared, don't ignore us...just watch this video, and I'll explain exactly what you SHOULD do.