What Do Real Estate Agents Actually Do?

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What exactly do real estate agents do on a regular basis? Though the answer certainly varies, if we're talking about successful agents, the answer is...A LOT!

Let's talk about today, for example. Adam is currently researching properties for a cash buyer in New York who's looking to make a purchase near the beaches here in Pinellas. In a little while, he'll be leaving to attend a home inspection. When I first arrived at the office, he was working on advertising the two open houses we'll host this weekend.

Why didn't I arrive with him? Because I was home filming and editing our real estate videos. I'm obviously writing a blog post now, and when I'm done, I'll do some social media planning before working on the open houses myself.

We don't really have a typical day, and while we do try to schedule certain tasks, things don't always go exactly as planned. In the video below, we explain all the responsibilities agents have.