What Can You Do With Small Spaces in Your Home?

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Adam and I live in a condo that's the perfect size for the two of us. Actually, sometimes I think it's even a little too big. We have a bedroom I never enter except for when I want to access our linen closet, yet, while I know we have all the room we need, I still sometimes think it would be convenient to have a rented outside storage space. 

I, like many other people, appreciate homes that are meticulously decorated and organized, and while I think our home is cute and makes pretty decent use of the space we have, I know I can do better. 

In this video, I'll give you four super easy tips you can use to make rooms feel larger, utilize storage spaces, make ceilings appear taller, and accommodate seating AND foot traffic.

BONUS TIP: I have a few dedicated cupboards in our kitchen I use to store Christmas plates, glassware, and other decorations. The first year I used them, when it was time to put everything away in January, I couldn't remember what I had kept in the kitchen or how I had managed to store so much stuff in there, and then I had one of Oprah's "A-ha! moments." I put everything back as best I could and took a picture of how everything was arranged. This has made the holidays much less hectic as every year I now put everything back as it appears in that picture. 

As I point out at the end of the video, we are so lucky we live in Florida because for many months out of the year, we can utilize porches, balconies, and backyards as outdoor living spaces. I really love the cooler days and nights when we can leave our balcony doors open, when I can sit out there and read a book, or when we get to enjoy breakfast or a cocktail outside. No matter the time of the year, though, it's helpful to think of the outside as part of the whole house so that you make the best use of ALL the space you have.