Summer in Tampa Bay

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An ongoing battle in our house centers around this argument: What is worse? A Florida summer or a Long Island winter?

In this corner, we have Adam. His argument is this, "If it wasn't so terrible, then why did we leave? The heat and humidity are not that bad down here, and I think you forgot how cold it got up there. You just need to find shade during the day, and it's beautiful the rest of the year."

And in this corner over here, we have Amy, me, and because I write the blog, I will use the platform to argue my point.

To begin with, I actually don't even know where to begin...because the heat and humidity in the summer are just so terrible. I was watching Bay News 9 this morning at 6:50, and the meteorologist was explaining that with the humidity at 79%, the heat index was already at 94 6:50 in the morning. That's just one reason the summers are so bad -- it never cools down! You'd think that once the sun set there would be relief, but that's not the case. 

Which brings me to my next point. When you live up North in the winter, it does get very cold, but all you need to do is dress correctly by wearing lots of layers; you can add them or remove them as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day, and you look none the worse for wear. Would I complain about showing properties in the cold up North? Probably. But I'd get inside where it's nice and cozy and toasty and be over it. That's not the case down here. If I get dressed to show properties to buyers, I'm a sweaty, frizzy mess by the time I've walked to my car from my house. Forget about what I look like, feel like, and maybe even smell like after a day of being in and out of the heat. It would take at least three showers a day for me to feel comfortable.

Finally, the rain storms we get are apocalyptic! How many times have you found yourself sitting somewhere, waiting for a storm to pass, because you can't even see the entrance of where you're trying to go due to the sheets of water pouring from the sky? A little snow is nothing compared to our afternoon thundershowers.

However, in spite of all this complaining I do, I really have come to love living in Florida. I will say that Adam is right about the weather from about the end of October through the end of May, and I've learned a thing or two about coping with the Florida weather during the summer. If you're interested, take a look at the video below for my tips and tricks.