Spring Renovations

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Home Improvement

There are two ways of looking at the upcoming summer months here in Tampa Bay. You will either be spending a lot of time outside around your pool, or you'll retreat inside to the comfort of your AC. Either way, before the storms and sun start beating down on us, now is the time to take care of any home improvement projects you've been thinking of tackling. 

If your projects involve a contractor, how do you go about choosing the right one? First, you could always ask your friends and family for a referral. Another option is to go on Nextdoor and ask your neighbors. I've personally never done this, but I see my neighbors asking for referrals all the time, and the feedback is always interesting. Like restaurant reviews, the responses are either passionately in favor of one contractor or fervently warning who NOT to use. Interestingly, the same names pop up in both categories, and the person who posted the question ends up with a good-sized list. My third suggestion is to go on social media. Most businesses at least have a Facebook page where past clients can post reviews and the business owners can post photos of their work. Another option is Instagram. As a Realtor, I follow a lot of contractors on the platform, and they post pictures of their projects daily.

Once you've narrowed your suggestions, you'll want to ask the candidate a few questions, like are you licensed, how much will this cost, when will the project be finished, and who will be in my house.

If you do a little homework ahead of time, you should feel confident when you make your final decision.