Spring is for Sellers! Is Your House Ready?

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It's almost spring in Florida, which means...nothing, really. Isn't our weather funny? We almost had a real Florida winter in January, February was mild, and March has been a moderate mixture of both. As we head into late March, the sun sets later, the really brisk cold fronts don't make it down to us, the snow birds are here, the spring breakers are visiting, and all these factors make now the perfect time to list your home.

But are you ready to do so?

Here are 3 tips that are easy and inexpensive but can make a big difference in getting your house noticed and sold.

1. Let's start outside. Everyone knows you only get one chance to make a first impression, so are you making the best of that opportunity? When a potential buyer drives by your house or pulls up for a showing, what are they seeing? Remove all weeds and dead flowers from your pots and garden beds, plant some fresh annuals, and sweep the driveways and walkways. In fact, do these things BEFORE you even list. Yep, before the photographer heads over to take the listing photos, get the landscaping in tip top shape because ***INSIDER TIP*** the MLS requires that the first photo we show of your house is of the outside. Also, if you have a pool, please remove the vacuum and hose before the photos are taken. Do you want potential buyers to imagine themselves relaxing in the pool or maintaining it?

2. Moving inside, let's talk about paint. Do you have a bright green accent wall in the great room that you think is the perfect backdrop to your lush landscaping outside? Good for you! I'm sure it's beautiful, but some people hate green. Now is the time to go neutral. Would changing the paint color be a relatively easy and low-cost change the buyer could make? Yes, but buyer psychology is a huge influence in selling your home, and if buyers don't like a color or can't picture themselves living with it, this is a hurdle for you. Already have neutral paint colors? Excellent. Please buy a Mr. Clean Magic eraser and use it to get rid of any scuff marks. 

3. Finally, it's time to remove the clutter and personal artifacts. Before the photographer shows up, put away all your stuff, or use this as an opportunity to get rid of items you no longer want or use. Let buyers see the ample counter space you have in the kitchen. Show them a clean shower; buyers don't need to know what products you use. If you really want your house to sell quickly, do this before every showing and open house. Also, start packing the family photos, crafts, and knickknacks. Remember how I said buying a home is influenced by psychology? You want buyers to be able to picture themselves in the house, not know all the intricacies of what it’s been like for your family to live there.

Doing all these tasks will make the listing photos appealing to more buyers, get traffic in your house for showings and open houses, and get your home sold in less time at a price closer to what you’re asking.