Selling Your Home in the Time of Corona

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Real Estate

Some people have questioned why real estate is considered an essential business, and to those people I say, "Do you enjoy having a roof over your head?" If you're not in a position where you must buy or sell RIGHT NOW, then I guess real estate isn't essential to you...RIGHT NOW.

But before the Coronavirus caused a global pandemic and economic repercussions the world has never seen, many people were thinking about selling their home, and in Tampa Bay, the time was exactly right. In fact, I had just written about it in this blog post here from March 3rd! What a difference a month makes.

While some people had decided the time was right to sell because the market was hot, other people were just about ready to sell because they had to. Maybe they were going to relocate for a new job. Maybe their family was growing, and so they would need more space. Maybe they were downsizing. Perhaps a new financial situation was influencing their decision. For these people, real estate agents ARE essential.

How can we help those people who currently MUST sell their home in the time of a global pandemic?

·        We are only working with SERIOUS buyers right now, meaning those who have a pre-approval letter, preferably from a local lender. We always prefer a local lender  because we like to be able to actually get in touch with a person, the SAME person, throughout the entire process, including on nights and weekends.

·        We can conduct showings and open houses virtually.

·        We can minimize all face-to-face interactions between us and you when it comes to contracts and signings BUT still walk you through the process in real time.

·        When it comes to the inspection, appraisal and closing, we have ways of decreasing the amount of time spent together in-person with all parties involved (and in some cases can do all those transactions virtually).

A woman's gloved hand holds a spray bottle of household cleaner

If you were on the fence before this all started, I’d say it’s safer to wait. The good news is that now you have plenty of time to get your house ready to sell, and you don’t even have to leave your home or come into contact with anyone else while doing so. In no particular order, here is a “To Do” list for you:

1.      Declutter and depersonalize your house.

2.      Clean up your yard to increase your curb appeal.

3.      If you have a Magic Eraser, clean up scuff marks (test a spot first).

4.      Organize your closets.

5.      Fix loose handles, straighten cabinets, use WD-40 on anything sticky or squeaky.

6.      Give the inside of your home a good spring cleaning. Tip: work from top to bottom. For example, don’t dust surfaces and then do the ceiling fans. Do the fans first.

7.      Rearrange furniture to best show off space (which is not necessarily what works best for your family — take a close look at how you use all your rooms).

8.      Got a power washer? Clean the outside of your house.

9.      Gather important paperwork you’ll need for the sale. If you don’t t know what you need, ask your Realtor.

10.   If you don’t have one yet, Interview Realtors. You can do this over the phone or via Zoom or FaceTime while you’re quarantined.