Moving with Pets

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A 2018 online survey by found that 75% of pet-owning buyers who closed on a home that year would have passed on their dream house if it were not right for their animals, and 87% took their pets’ needs into account when buying a house. We get it; we’re animal lovers too! Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping around for a new home, whether it’s for you or the dog.

If you’re looking to live in a condominium or townhome, you will have to narrow your scope to pet-friendly associations. This is when working with a Realtor comes in handy. The search engines we use are not only more accurate than the popular websites consumers use but also have better search filters. For instance, we can drill down to find communities that are pet-friendly with no breed restrictions, weight limitations, or specified number of pets.

If you have a cat, consider whether you would let your cat be an outside kitty, and if you have a dog, consider where he will do his business. Why? Because it can be a dangerous world out there for pets in Florida. We get asked all the time, “Is there a gator in that lake?” Our answer? “If you see a lake or a pond, you should assume there’s a gator in it.” But there is other wildlife to consider, like snakes, coyotes, and, for smaller pets, hawks. Don’t forget about the bugs. Adam and I learned the hard way about fire ants when we first moved down here and got our dog. Perhaps the most frightening threat is the bufo toad. They secrete toxins from their head and are HIGHLY poisonous to dogs. If your dog gets one, immediately flush his mouth with water and rub his gums to remove the poison. Know the location of the closest emergency vet and get your dog there as soon as possible.

Moving day can be chaotic and stressful for pets. You’ll want to make sure your pets are calm and safe while packing up and leaving your old home and getting settled into the new one. The video below has a few tips to make the whole process easier for everyone involved.