I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

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Real Estate

See the picture above of the couple looking at a home with their Realtor? This is a typical scene, and there doesn't seem to be anything suspect about this situation at all...except for what you CAN'T see.

In 2019, chances are strong that there's a Ring Door Bell recording these three people. When they enter the house, there may be surveillance equipment in there, too.
Yep, when you're out viewing homes you like with your real estate agent, someone might be watching you, listening to you, or recording you.

Sorry if I have made things sound a little creepy, but many people today use technology to protect their family, home and belongings. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense for sellers; a stream of strangers is regularly entering and exiting their house.

I am not here to discuss the legality or etiquette of such matters (although if you're interested, according to Florida law, "A person may have a security system when a written notice is conspicuously posted on the premises stating that a video surveillance system has been installed for the purpose of security for the premises, or have a video surveillance device that is installed in such a manner that the presence of the device is clearly and immediately obvious." Fla. Stat. § 810.145(5)(b)‐(c)

What I do want you to do is watch this video to learn what you should NOT say when you're the buyer and you're viewing homes. Why be careful? Because if you're being recorded or watched, what you say can have an impact on how much money you pay for the house you love.