How to Market a House For Sale

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There. I said it.

Whether you're trying to sell your home on your own or you've hired an agent, a sign in the yard is not enough. Yes, even in this market when inventory is super tight, houses don't always sell themselves. You need a strategy. I know what you're thinking. 

I'm going to save what I'd spend on commission, put a sign in the front yard, let the neighbors know, and try to get my house on Zillow.

The market is so hot right now! Johnny down the street sold right away, and I am ready to move.

I don't want to pay a full commission for an agent. I'll hire a discount broker because I really just need my house on the MLS. 

Your home is your largest asset, and selling it involves a lot more than you think. We make it look easy because (A) we do this every day and (B) nobody wants to see the struggle, so we only show you the highlights. 

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Stop right there. Let me tell you 4 reasons why you want to work with an agent.

1. You want expertise!

Do you truly know the value of your home and how much you could net from selling it? Do you know how to navigate through the nitty gritty of a transaction and all the paperwork and people involved? Do you know all the terms involved in negotiations and how to get what's most important to you?

We do. As licensed professionals who do this job full-time, we understand all these aspects.

2. Statistics show you net more money when you used a licensed agent.

And it's not just about the offer price. What if the buyer asks for a seller credit to pay for closing costs or wants repairs or a credit for items to be repaired at closing? A licensed agent will help you navigate these turning points.

3. You're not a professional photographer.

Pictures can help sell houses. Most buyers are going to start their search online, and if they aren't wowed by your listing photos, they'll scroll right on.

Did you hire a discount agent? Chances are that person is not paying for a photographer, and when buyers and their agents see your listing agent's refection in the bathroom mirror, it's not a good look. It seems cheap, and in the mind of potential buyers, it's a reason for them to offer less.

4. You're missing out on the demand created through online marketing strategies.

In today's pandemic world, many buyers want to start their search virtually. They don't feel comfortable being in stranger's homes or meeting face-to-face. A modern agent will utilize tools like Facebook and Instagram Live to host virtual open houses and will conduct showings virtually via Facetime or Zoom. 

Our goal is for homeowners to make smart real estate decisions and net the most money possible from their home sale. If you want to learn more about how we help our sellers prepare for listings, call us to set up a quick and easy consultation. Want a freebie? Email us for a copy of our Showings That Sell Checklist.