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What You Need to Know About Florida Weather

Florida. Land of sun, sand, palm trees, umbrellas, sweatshirts, and anything else you can get your hands on to be absolutely prepared. Why? Now that it's November, you just never know what kind of weather you'll be dealing with here.

Facts and Statistics

Fact: There will be sun! In fact, we hold a Guinness World Record Title for the longest run of sunshine with 768 days from February 1967 to March 1969.

Fact: You will need sunscreen! Not to scare you, but Florida has the second highest rate of melanoma in the country (the state with the highest? Utah).

Fact: Our temperatures (in fahrenheit) can range from the low 50s to mid 90s. Here are our average high and low temps:

Winter (Dec-Feb) Air: 55-70 Water: 63

Spring (Mar-May) Air: 65-80 Water: 74

Summer (Jun-Aug) Air: 76-90 Water: 85

Fall (Sept-Nov) Air: 70-83 Water: 77

Statistics and Opinions

The heat and humidity in the summer are no joke. Here is the issue with humidity: the more humid the air is, the less likely you are to produce sweat, the body's coping mechanism for regulating high temperatures. According to weatherspark.com, "Tampa experiences extreme seasonal variation in the perceived humidity. The muggier period of the year lasts for 7.3 months, from April 10 to November 19, during which time the comfort level is muggy, oppressive, or miserable at least 36% of the time. The muggiest day of the year is August 8, with muggy conditions 100% of the time." Consider yourself warned; it felt like we had August, the worst month as far as I'm concerned, for four months straight this year.

On top of the heat and humidity, we also have some wicked thunderstorms in the summer. The sun will be shining intensely one minute, and then you see the thunderheads build. Remember the movie Independence day with Will Smith? When those enormous alien spaceships would come looming onto the screen? That's what the clouds are like here when a storm is brewing. We aren't called the "Lightning Capital of North America" for no reason. We get more lightning strikes in Tampa Bay than anywhere else in the country. I'll wait a minute for you to make the connection between this fact and the name of our professional hockey team. Yes, we have professional hockey. No, for a variety of reasons it's not that dumb that we do, especially when the weather is so humid that a hockey rink sounds like a perfect place to be.

But now it's November, and I love November in Florida! It's often pretty dry, and after all the heat and humidity of the summer, November is usually when we start getting some real "cold" fronts to make it down here.

What Does This All Mean To You?

If you're coming to visit Florida, always have sunscreen. If it's summer, make sure you have an umbrella and a sweater; when it's so hot outside, businesses crank up the AC inside. If we are experiencing "winter" in Florida while you're visiting, and if you move here and stay long enough you will notice the difference, be prepared for all weather scenarios. At the very least, it will most likely be warm enough for you to enjoy some pool or beach time during the day, but you'll notice the cool down at night.