Emerging Design Trends for 2020

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Real Estate

I recently read an article online at the Houzz website that talked about design trends emerging this year. Here are my three favorites and how they relate to real estate.

1. Brown is becoming the IT color!

For more than a year now, we've been telling sellers that if they want to attract the most eyeballs to their listings, they have to paint their walls grey. But the recent trend noticed most frequently by designers and builders is that shades of brown are becoming popular. Anything earth-toned appears to be gaining in popularity. "Greiges" (grey with a brown undertone) are also having a moment, and mushroom is gaining in popularity. It makes sense because people have been spending more time at home. This change makes a lot of sense. To me, grey can look very sterile and industrial, but beige makes me think of the beach. If I'm stuck at home during a pandemic, I want to be thinking "sand" and not "hospital."Ā 

2. Jewel tones are gaining popularity

"Dark, moody, and sexy" are certainly not words I used to describe grey, brown, mushroom or greige. Those colors provide the neutral backdrop, but most of us still want to see pops of color. This is where jewel tones -- emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue -- come in. Many people automatically think ACCENT WALL!!! Yes, you can paint one wall, or use jewel tones in a half bath, or even paint your kitchen cabinets. But if you're thinking of selling, this isn't the way I'd go. Remember, if you're listing your home, the blanker the canvas, the better, so you can add color with throw pillows and blankets, area rugs, and furniture.

3. Natural materials

Homeowners like the look and feel of natural materials. Options include marble, stones, real wood floors that can be oiled and polished, and brash and polished nickel finishes. These finishes are vulnerable to wear and tear but if taken care of they can always be brought back to their original beauty. These materials may come and go as far as trends go, but they always make a comeback. Even if you've chosen them when they're not in fashion, they stand the test of time; they're classics. During these crazy times, people are looking to return to what is old and comforting. In addition, more time at home means more time for projects, like sanding floors or polishing fixtures. Also, natural materials bring the outside in. You can't go wrong with choosing these fininshes, but if you're going to sell, make sure they look well-maintained.

When I look at these three trends, I think they're symbolic of what most people are craving right now -- comfort and familiarity with pops of joy.