Easy Repairs to Make to Get Your House Sold Fast

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Real Estate

"Eeewww! What happened here?"

"Wow! That's some color these owners chose for this wall."

"Yuck! Look at that grout."

"This yard is depressing."

These are just some of the phrases we've heard buyers repeat as we work with them to find their dream home. And guess what...if the carpet is stained, the accent wall is a crazy color, the grout is dirty, or the yard looks neglected, the house you're trying to sell may not be someone else's dream home.

Thanks to HGTV and reality-based real estate television shows, the general public sometimes has a distorted view of how the home buying and selling processes work. Does a beautifully staged home sell more quickly or net a higher price? Maybe (see this previous blog post), but they DO make a good first impression on buyers, which is what you want. However, you don't have to spend a ton of money on furniture or pay a professional designer, because do you know what else makes a good first impression on buyers? Clean carpets, neutral walls, fresh grout, and spruced-up landscaping.

For more quick, easy, and affordable repairs you can make to get your house sold fast, check out the video below.