Decorating With Pets

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Can you still have a home that inspires design envy if you're a pet lover? The answer is YES! Just keep these three tips in mind.

First, use your furry friend as inspiration! We actually did this when we still had our sable-colored corgi, Bindi. We chose a color for our floor that would blend with her fur. You can do this for carpets, furniture, wood, tile, and accents.

Second, keep crates, pet beds, and gates out of sight with built-ins and pocket doors. I've seen pictures in magazines of dog crates built in to end tables, so Fido gets to sleep in style in the family room.Ā 

Finally, don't invest in rugs -- get cheap floor coverings -- or fabrics. The fabrics you choose should be durable and easy to clean. This is much easier than trying to keep your furry baby off your bed or couch. Besides, who can resist those snuggles?