Before You Buy That Condo...

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Adam and I have been talking a lot lately about the three condos we have listed over at Audubon in Feather Sound, and as you can imagine, we’ve been spending a lot of time there with buyers and other Realtors.

Many buyers are interested in the complex because it has beautiful amenities, including a pool, spa, fitness center with sauna, indoor half-court basketball, tennis courts, and a cybercafe. Because the amenities are a huge selling point, when interested buyers look at units, even if they’re with their own Realtors, Adam and I try to be there to show them around the entire property.

This got me thinking…we often tell our buyers who are looking at single family homes to drive by the houses they like at night and on the weekends so that they get a feel for the neighborhood. This makes sense because most of our buyers take a look at properties during the day when many people are at work, kids are at school, and it is broad daylight. Of course it's a quiet neighborhood! You want to know what a community is really like? Visit it when most of the who live there are actually home. Why not do the same in a condominium complex? One question we get a lot is, “Do you think the pool gets crowded on the weekends?” There’s only one way to find out.

If you’re interested in five questions you should ask before you make an offer on a condo, check out the video below.